14 September 2007


Furman (1-1) @ #20 Clemson (2-0, 1-0 ACC), Saturday, September 15th, 1PM EST, ESPN Gameplan.

The Line: Clemson (Off)

Edge goes to:

Offense: Clemson

Defense: Clemson

Special Teams: Clemson

Intangibles: Clemson

Larger population of geese and ducks: Furman

Our panel of DFIG "experts" say:

Chili: I would just copy and paste my take on the La-Monroe game for this one, but I'll just chew up my memories of it and vomit them out in your baby bird mouths here. Clemson = good, big, Furman = not good, little. Clemson>Furman. We win by a lot. Harper again looks like a baller. Korn gets more playing time. Passing game gets worked on just enough to not give any new wrinkles in our playbook away. Dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria.

Clemson 50, Furman 12

John C. Calhoun is not amused by your faggotry.

Furman is Clemson's oldest football rival. Now that I've stated a fact, I'll move on to my opinions. This game will be a statement for us, to show the world, who are so quick to point out where we've stumbled in the past, that we are a different team this year. Gone are the days where Clemson falls at the hands of lesser opponents even after defeating giants. At least I hope that's how this game will pan out. Clemson will blow this team away. LA Monroe was a fluke and there is no way that our defense that was so solid at first against FSU should have given up so many points to them. I'm looking for the defense even more so than the offense to make a statement this game. I'm not worried about our offense, no matter who is playing QB I think we'll be fine, our defense is what is going to make or break this season I think. If the coaching staff will keep passing the ball and not rely so much on short passes and runs up the middle, this will be a good year. I see Clemson up by 28 at least in the first half, I'll say Davis or Spiller has a rushing TD and Harper spreads the ball out for 3 more from the air. Furman gets shut out, not aTD, not a field goal, nothing in the first half, first string defense makes their statement. Then golden boy Willy Korn takes the offense into the second half and adds a few TD's of his own. This is our final tune up game before the schedule starts getting tough. NC State should be a pushover, but what lies beyond is scary. Clemson blows this one out.

Clemson 56, Furman 9


Willy Mac:
I don't want an App. State type implosion here. Don't think that it can't happen. [Gamecock logic: We're a second tier big school and they're a second tier lil' school. Michigan is a top tier big school and App. State is a top tier lil' school.] Now that I've given you the Rece Davis "My producer's are holding me at gunpoint to make this game seem interesting" sell, I can get on with my article. Everyone knows we're gonna win, I just hope we do it big. We waited to long and the refs kept ULM in the game for too long as well. We literally got flagged for cleanly hitting the quarterback too hard last game. I don't mind that, but lets wait till we're up by three touchdowns, then unleash the hounds. Kill the men, burn their village, enslave the women and children. Maybe not that last part, but you get the idea.

Clemson 45, Furman 10

*Beats chest and gives a grunt* (Thanks to Robert for the find.)