01 August 2007



- Willy Korn, Barry Richardson, and Michael Hamlin participated in a local charity spelling bee last Wednesday. Does this mean that their legend meter in NCAA 08 just went up +1??? Let's just hope they don't "stub their toe in the middle of the night, awareness -2, injury -2, speed -2, jump -1" the day before the FSU game.

- "Foaming-at-the-Mouth Day", otherwise known as Clemson Fan Appreciation Day will be held August 12. Details here. My favorite part is "Due to the expected demand and in an attempt to accommodate as many fans as possible, fans will only be allowed to have one item autographed or one picture taken with James Davis and CJ Spiller..." Does that mean we can bring a gang of items for Jimmy Maners to sign?

- I stated earlier that season ticket packages were still available. They're sold out now, sorry. Also, the FSU, NC State, and South Carolina games are completely sold out.

- As of 8pm EST today, there will be 32 days left till kickoff. Look for the video countdowns to start again here shortly. I know everyone does that, but it's obligational.


- It's here again. This year, we are doing it a la Yahoo College Football Pick Em'. Sign up and use the group ID '7272' and the password karibyron because who doesn't like that redheaded Mythbusters goddess? We will still post results here on the main page after every weekend.

Why, hello there Kari. Any chick that makes beer frosty and cold in stilletos and a bra is fine by me.

- Chili and I have been discussing switching the type of liquor just to shake things up. If you want, give us a few ideas in the comments section located at the bottom of the post. Please, no anonymous posters, as we take this thing real damn serrerus.

- Same as last year, you win, we send you a bottle of booze at the end of the regular season. End of the regular season being after conference championships and before bowl games. If you don' feel comfortable with either me or Chili having your home address... doing a little bit of stalking... taking some personal reconnaissance pictures of you and your family... then don't sign up....but if you find a nice pile of manturd... just know.... we were there.

- Finally, we are asking that you actually be a reader of our site. Honor code here people. Also we ask that you use real handles (such as jasonl, NoleCC, Brad, Lola, Sambo, Tully, etc.) and if we feel that you're using more than one handle you're banninated. Also, if you know people that posted last year that haven't really kept up with the site in the off season, let them know. We haven't heard from Lola in ages and can't seem to find her contact info.

FINAL RESULTS (from the 2006 season, out of a field of over 25)
Name – Score – Record - Percentage

1. Chili -36 – 104-36 – 74%
2. Lola -48 – 92-48 – 65%
3. Willy Mac -51 – 89-51 – 63.5%
4. Brad (12th Manchild) -52 – 88-52 – 62.75%

Keep the sweet, sweet, Macallan or switch it up? What's your input?