30 August 2007


What we have here a Q&A with the other two notable Clemson blogs. The Sporting Gnomes and TBIG will join us on this one. As of now, the Gnomes submitted a research thesis that might be considered by many to be the largest post that site has ever seen. TBIG packed it's bags up and left last Tuesday, we haven't see or heard from them since. They didn't even leave us a note.

1) At this point, if you were coaching who do you start as your top three receivers? Who would you start as quarterback? Linebackers?

You definitely start Aaron Kelly, Rendrick Taylor, and Tyler Grisham. We say this because the majority of our plays will be runs and receivers blocking is on of the key components of the running game. Aaron and Tyler have some good hands on them and neither are slow. Don't start Jacoby because he's still a little too small for us. True he's a burner, but he's still a lil' guy. You do bring him in on four/five wide pass sets. Honestly, we do start Cullen Harper simply because he's been in the system longer, he's still a talented QB, and you don't want to damage Korn's psyche via baptism by fire. It'd be nice to ease him into real game situations. He's never seen college game speed in a real game. Linebacker wise, you'd have to start Tramaine Billie even though he has a hairline fracture in one of his hands. You also have to start Antonio Clay, simply because he's got the best head on his shoulders and can be a good leader on the field. Lastly, you've got to get Nick Watkins on the field. This is definitely his breakout year.

2) Game-by-game season outlook... GO.

Check out this link for our answers to that.

2a) What's our one dumb loss of the year?

If it happens again this year, it will be against Central Michigan. They are not a bad team and we could easily overlook them. They play a tough schedule including West Virginia and will not be intimidated by playing at a much larger venue. If some of our slump-era games last year are any indication, the environment at DV for lesser games can be kinda lame at times, the fans will have to bring their A-game for this one, too.

2b) What's the one game where we step up as the underdog?

Willy Mac: Probably Virginia Tech. Hopefully we are both ranked by that point and Gameday will come back. Clemson could definitely step up here. Just remember, we never had a chance in hell against FSU in 2003. You have to keep hope. If it's a night game, chances are good for the upset. But don't buy completely into this. VT is a complete team and they could also drop 40 on us at home.
Chili: While I don't think Gameday will be in Clemson for VT, it will still be that sort of an electric environment. I've seen Tiger teams rise to the occasion and falter miserably in this sort of a heavily-hyped night game, so historically these things could go either way. I think VT gets the best of us, but if we're going to win as a 'dog, it'll be this one. We could be underdogs at Maryland and pull that one out if VT doesn't go our way.

3) Sub Korn, who's your breakout player of the year? Who is a flop for you?

The best candidates for breakout players would be Phil Merling and Michael Hamlin. Merling, if he keeps working hard, might be able to fill the shoes that Gaines Adams left behind. That's a big hole to fill but Merling is that friggin talented to be able to make the key sacks and big plays. He's also as exciting to watch as Charles Bennett and Gaines were. Hamlin also has a great chance to have a breakout year as well. He's got experience, strength, and the skill set to be a stellar safety this year. He could potentially emerge as the best player on our defense this year. As for the flops, we don't know that there will be any player who absolutely bombs. You have to be disappointed that Antonio Clay is struggling, but we wouldn't categorize him as a flop by any means. He's been through a lot and we hope he rebounds strong this season.

4) What will be the most overused ineffective play this season? Think 2005-2006 Bubble Screen, people.

While we're well aware that the bubble screen was used to set up other packages, it was still futile 90% of the time and just looked silly when we were trying to gain 15 yards on a third down. I would just vote again for the ol' bubble screen. I just don't think Spence is done with it.

5) Who's your pick to win the ACC Atlantic division? The Coastal division? Who walks away with that big ugly trophy?

The Atlantic division will probably come down to FSU or Maryland, with the Tigers having an outside shot. Coastal is either GT or VT, and we think odds are Virginia Tech takes the trophy home.

6) Who would you like to see us blowout this year (GT 2003, USC 2003, GT 2006, etc). Don't initially vote USC, unless you REALLY want to blow them out.

Chili: I'd like to blow out VT and pay them back for giving us an American History X style curbing last year. I'd secondly like to demolish Maryland because, well, they're Maryland.

Willy Mac: I would fully like to embarrass those Jesuit "Sweet Carolina" wastes of life otherwise known as Boston College. I just hate BC, and if you went up to Boston for the game last year, you'd know why. Their fans are just drunk assholes who try to fight anyone wearing opposing colors. Polar opposite of a Clemson game day experience and I feel that they don't deserve such a good team.

7) What's our toughest game this year? What's our easiest game?

Toughest game with either be Virginia Tech at home or South Carolina in Willy Brice. Virginia Tech because of their defensive skill and talented coaching staff. They absolutely shut us down this year and perfectly analyzed our strengths and weaknesses to exploit lack of QB ability. We also say South Carolina depending on their momentum. Last year they were a couple breaks away from a high-water mark kind of season. If they catch a couple breaks this year the hype will build and culminate in the November match up against the Tigers. Not only will both teams' seasons be riding on the game, but Gamecock fans -- ever eager to buy into the Spurrier mythos -- will circle this game if they win it as proof of the OBC's ownership of the Tigers and they're certainly delusional enough to think it would be the start of a winning streak to even up the series between the two teams.

8) Will this be Tommy's last season? Why or why not?

No, this won't be Tommy's last season. Even if we finish out at 6-6, the worst realistic scenario, we think he sticks around for another year. Odds are we win 7 or 8, plenty for Bowden to stick around. He's too much of a yes man to the AD and has burrowed himself and his job security deep in the bosom of the front office.


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