30 August 2007


Just seeing the Dome triggers a Pavlovian response in my brain that makes me crave delicious chicken sandwiches. Actually, a lot of things make me crave chicken sandwiches.

Clemson and Alabama (the only team whose fans are more obsessed with their coach than Sakerlina fans) are working on a one-time matchup in 2008 to be played in the Georgia Dome, says the State. Clemson may have an empty spot on their 2008 schedule as UCF has asked out of their contract with the Tigers and UTEP has reneged on their commitment to play Bama, so the Tide has a gap to fill as well. According to the State, neither team wants to add a road game, so a game at a neutral location would solve both teams' problems. Personally, I think this is an awesome thing for Clemson. I would rather play a solid team we have a chance of losing to than a mid major or cupcake any day. Both teams have large fan bases in Atlanta and are probably equidistant to the Chocolate Metropolis.