29 August 2007


More of this to come if the "Skin and Bones" Seminole O-Line can't get their lives right.

Here is the last "Know Your Noles" segment of the year. Labor Day is imminent and we can't wait. Hope you've enjoyed this segment and as always we appreciate your opinions and comments in the "rabble rabble" section at the bottom of the post. Lastly, thanks to Bill K, err, NoleCC, err, whatever he goes by. Thanks to that guy. He's always fun to work with and is a credit to the Seminole fan base, especially the blogging sect. Check out our responses on Scalp Em here.

1) Weatherford is the starting QB again. Are a lot of Nole fans thinking "Hey, there's still time for him to have a bad acid trip (Wyatt Sexton)"?

Honestly it's the same as it's always been, a 50/50 split in the fan base. It reminds me of the Adrian McPherson / Chris Rix saga. A couple of things about Weatherford though, people act like he isn't mobile. He's no Charlie Ward, but doesn't have concrete shoes like Chris Weinke either. If the revamped FSU offensive line can hold off the Tiger blitz, Weatherford will be just fine. If the Noles can establish a running game, Weatherford might even have a big night and eventually a big season. I just hope I don't have to watch Xavier Lee sulk on the sidelines AGAIN.

2) How has Antone Smith looked in spring practice? How much is the drop off from first string RB to second string?

Antone hasn't played tons during practice, which is more because of the depth issue than the "hurt" issue. Jimbo Fisher is banking a lot on a healthy Antone Smith, since even in Bobby Bowden's words "There's a big drop off to 2nd string at running back." Someone cue Jim Cantore with his "ominous" quotes.

3) Who should we be more worried about, Geno Hayes (LB) or Myron Rolle (RV)?

My initial reaction is Myron Rolle, however he's the main threat in the secondary. Clemson will do everything to avoid him, which makes Geno Hayes the bigger worry for the Tigers. There are 6-7 other guys up there, Geno is going to find a way to get free and make the big hit.

4) Any preseason inuries of note? Any notable changes except for the fact that your OL is on the Curves diet?

First of all, the OL went on Jenny Craig, not Curves. Get that straight. As for injuries, Joe Surrat is out for sure with a broken Tibia, however he was looking at second string most likely anway. Knock on wood the Noles should be pretty healthy for the showdown on Monday Night.

5) How will the new hires impact the season? Are we looking at the Seminoles second wind or an ugly three ring circus act?

From everything I've read, heard or watched FSU looks to benefit greatly from the coaching changes. Fisher looks like the Bowden heir-apparent and Trickett is going to have a mean & nasty line in the future. So, as a Nole fan I have to believe that this is a second wind for the program, and not the dagger in the heart of the program. That said, another failure to win some big games and you might count FSU as done for a long, long time.

6) The Noles always seem to have a really spectacular athlete Warrick Dunn, Peter Warrick, Chris Weinke... er... I mean... who is this year's freak?

Antone, Antone, Antone. Antone Smith is heavily underrated, and if he's healthy he's going to create some havoc despite FSU's offensive line. If, by some miracle the O-line can block someone once in a while FSU might be looking at a 1000 yard rusher. You can throw Greg Carr in there as a touchdown freak, since he can only catch the ball in the end zone, but his stats will be sick. Probably like 12 catches for 100 yards and 10 TD.

7) What percentage of grown-men FSU fans wear jerseys to games? 50% or closer to 80%?

It's way under 50%, believe it or not. Now if you want to throw in coaches polos or file everything under "Nike" gear, you're looking at close to half. The bigger question is how many lap dances will FSU men receive in the student section this year? (Just search for Lapdance On ScalpEm.com)

8) Bobby Bowden becomes the first active CFB coach with Alzheimer's in the next three years. Do you take the over or under on that bet?

"Dadgumit Wi... Ch... #38. That boy's mama makes the best walnut brownies you know. I like them a lot. They were real nice down in Apopka. Mmm, mmm. Don't you think Gene? Oh and look there's Thad Busby. He's a Junior this year, that #12, he's going to be a real star."

I'll take the under. [Insert winking smiley here.]

"GOD??! What the shit are you talking about! It's Maury!"

Gentlemen, all that I have left to say is good luck, but not too good. I'll be watching from home Monday night, but I'm sure I'll enjoy the start of our seasons as much as you! May DannyFordIsGod.com thrive in some Garnet & Gold following the game, and may you kick the crap out of Georgia Tech down the road. God I hate GT. And tell Chili to stop shaking more than twice.


Mmmm, ScalpEm.com is gonna look glorious in purple and orange for three days.