10 August 2007


Here it is, the overused and outplayed "Countdown to Kickoff" videos that just about every CFB Blog does. But c'mon, who brings you the best vids?

This time around it's a two-fer. Former 2000 Outland Trophy winner and Tennessee Vols DT John Henderson's pregame ritual. You gotta love football, it's the only job in the world where you can get psyched up like this to go to work. My favorite part is how the rest of the team waits for him to do this before leaving the locker room. (Thanks to Lyrtch for the vids)

Clip #1:

I've literally done this to Chili to get him psyched up for a pledge/brother football game back in our fraternal days. Although, it wasn't as cool cause I think I gave him the old Deacon Jones treatment by accident.

Clip #2:

"You gotta make blood come to the mouth!"