24 August 2007



- The Men's basketball team has FINALLY released their schedule for this year. I guess I'll let it go this time. In all seriousness, I'm really excited to see how the team looks and to see the improvements that Purnell has made with the team this year. I really do think we've got something this year. We could do pretty darned good in conference play and (fingers crossed) we can get a low seed tourney bid. Great, now I jinxed us. Check out the schedule here.

- CJ Spiller and Jame Davis were named to the "Baller-Assed Player of the Year" preseason watch list, also known as the Walter Camp Award watch list. Check out the official Clemson AD release article here. It's a pretty high honor for a team to just have ONE player, but we have two out of a field of 35. We also join the likes of national powerhouse teams from last year that are fielding two players on the list to include West Virginia, USC (The real one), Wisconsin, Texas, LSU, Michigan (who had three), and Cal.

- DFIG readr Jasonl has made a Clemson Countdown Mac Widget for us. It's pretty cool and he even hosted it for us. We're attempting to make a Yahoo and Vista widget, but we're afraid that it won't be ready in time.

- The United States edged out Japan 23-20 in the World Championship of American Football (hosted by the International League, which has kind of taken over for NFL Europe) played in Japan. Basically, Japan's pros and semipros beat the junk out of a couple of former Syracuse/Temple/D3 players around for a few quarters and we came back to win in the end. The game itself was great due to the rainy/windy weather and the amount of clumsy play as well as the amount of pointless turnovers. It really felt like a AA high school game on steroids. For the record, even though Japan kind of outplayed us in the first half, we had the best and hardest hits. I will give Japan some credit though, I liked how they had "Japan" as a name plate on the back of their jerseys as opposed to their names.

- We gotta give run to TBIG for discovering this. Someone ordered a customized Willy Korn action figure from McFarlane Toys. You can read their "Start Willy Korn for the FSU game" diatribe here. Don't forget to check out some of the water heads in their comment section. Yeah, even you JasonL. WINK. Word is the guys from TBIG are bidding early and often to get the figure in hopes of some magical Indian in the Cupboard action. Oh, little Korn, you're the only one who understands me!

- The Wunderkind Korn got some snaps in a game situation with the first team offense in a recent practice. Cullen Harper faked an ankle sprain and Korn was sent in with no warning to test his readiness. Korn went 9 of 16 with 134 yards and a touchdown pass to La'Dante Harris.

- Word on the street is that the scrimmage that was scheduled for this coming Saturday for reasons unknown to us outside the program.

- According to sources that were at practice last night, CJ Spiller told several media outlets that he fully expects Death Valley to be as loud as ever come Labor Day. He thinks that the fans and the loudness will definitely play a factor in this years game. I for one can't wait for the Tigers to run down the hill as the ESPN cameras jostle from the crowd noise. Prime time slot on ESPN with a full capacity crowd? Shades of Georgia Tech year.


Remember when we were #10 in the nation? Ahh, distant memories.


Willy Mac:

Beautiful Katamari - If you've ever played any of the other Katamari Damacy (literally Japanese for "clump spirit" or "school spirit"), then you know what to expect. Lots of fun from rolling up objects, people, cars, buildings, whales, parts of the earth, etc. I think what makes these games so much fun is their simplicity which echoes the greatness via simplistic themes from many old school video games like Contra, Mario Brothers, and Sonic. There is a full release demo available on X Box Live. Unfortunately, the PS3 version was canned early on, so it's only available on X Box 360. Expect it's release on October 16th of this year. The game can be pre-ordered via Amazon.com. Finally, an awesome Katamari game that is HD.

Awesomeness in a box, literally.

Bass Pro Shops Savory Bites - If you have a dog that you are having trouble training, or just want to get good treats for, then look no more. I've tried several treats with my dog, and nothing makes him go nuts like these things. They come in bacon, chicken, steak, and pork flavors. I can't find any info online about them, but they're there. Trust me. Great for medium to large sized breeds.


Bob Saget Special: That Ain't Right - If you only know this man as wholesome Danny Tanner, you only know half the story. Saget cut his chops as a foul-mouthed comedian before being the questionably straight San Francisco gentleman with a house full of children. You can hear him occasionally on the Opie & Anthony Show on XM Radio, and he kills. Check him out Saturday, August 25th, 10 PM, on HBO.