07 August 2008


Emily Stewart '07.... any wonder why we're so happy?

Clemson tops this year's list of "Top 10 Schools with the Happiest Students" in the recent Princeton Review. So, we've got that goin' for us. The campus will certainly be a lot happier if the football team can meet expectations. The Anderson Independent Mail has it covered.

The Astro III in downtown Clemson is closing today. Carmike Cinemas informed staff at the Clemson landmark just 4 days ago that they would close. For those not familiar with the Astro, it’s a small 30 year old theater that shows second-run movies for $2.50 a pop and is a relief to cash strapped students. There is a Facebook group to save the Astro III that has already attracted thousands of supporters. The likelihood of saving the Astro is not high; Carmike is strapped for cash and the theater sits on a valuable piece of land. This is a sad case of another unique Clemson landmark being swept away for some mass market chain bullshit, or a sub shop, or another block of condos from Tom fuckin' Winkopp. I remember going to the Astro with Sambo to go see that godawful movie Phone Booth with a coatfull of beers in the middle of the summer. We paid in rolls of pennies. Good times.


Will Vandervort has an interesting article on Aaron Kelly and his consistency. I was extremely impressed at how he was able to bounce back from a devastating dropped ball against BC to help the Tigers drive down the field for the victory in Williams-Brice the very next game.

Also from that article - kicking is so bad that Bowden has declared the field goal and punting duties open for the taking. PUT IN WILLY KORNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! HE MAKES LOU GROZA ANDTHE GARBAGE PICKING FIELD GOAL KICKING PHILADELPHIA PHENOMENON LOOK LIKE LITTLE GIRLS. BEAUTIFUL, STRONG LEGGED LITTLE GIRLS. Anyway, kicking and special teams have been sub par for a number of years and this is no indication of improvement.

Corey Lambert seems to be developing into team leader. He came into Clemson with extremely high expectations placed on him as is want to happen to highly recruited in-state athletes who stay in-state. He’s taking his time, and using what he learned from Barry Richardson to help lead the inexperienced line corps.His leadership is desperately needed.


WRs Jacoby Ford and Xavier Dye, TE Michael Palmer, and OT David Smith have all missed some practice due to minor injuries. Ford with a sprained ankle, Dye with a bruised shoulder, Palmer with a pulled hamstring, and Smith with a dislocated toe.


Your Mother Slept With Wilt Chamberlain has the scoop on the senile old Sakerlina trustee who thinks all campus cops are out to get their fine, upstanding football players. It must be a conspiracy by cops with "tiger paws in [their] office."


The greatest headline ever.


NBC Sports has their preseason top 25 out today. Clemson is ranked #3, behind Georgia and Ohio State. The only people who rank Clemson higher are probably Clemson fans. Take it with a grain of salt, people.