11 August 2008


- Over the weekend Clemson picked up three star linebacker Corico Hawkins out of Milledgeville, Georgia. Apparently to those in the know, although he is only a three star Hawkins is really nasty and a very physical player that could definitely help bolster the Clemson defense for years to come.

- Former Clemson Track athlete and Olympic gold medalist Shawn Crawford and current Tiger Track member Travis Padgett are competing for the United States in the 200m and 4x100m relay, respectively. Crawford will start on Monday morning, August 18th and Padgett will see action on Thursday night, August 21st as per the Beijing Track schedule (I have no idea if these times are Chinese time or American time, so, go figure.)

- Rashaad Jackson is out with a torn quad tendon as via the ESPN article written by Heather Dinnich (who is becoming hotter the more I read her articles). The good news is that he is going to be replaced mostly by Jamie Cumbie who came to Clemson as someone who didn't even look like he was on the team to entering fall camp as a ten foot tall beast man who enjoyed mushing Kenneth Page's face in a practice fight that occurred a few days ago (Page cut block Cumbie, so, another freshman lives and learns.)

- Clemson had a scrimmage this past Saturday, read more here. On a lighter note, I had a buddy who was actually listening through Dan Scott's show the other morning, discussing the speed rating of Willy Korn on NCAA Football 09 with a listener. Apparently the caller was upset that Korn only had a 74 speed rating in the game. He felt that Korn would be better suited as a 76. Did this really happen? Seriously? Is this how bad it has gotten? Even more so, two freakin points?!?!?!? If you ever feel the urge to listen to that station, let me save you some time:

Host: Go ahead caller, you're on 104.9 THE DRIVE!

Caller: Welp, let's talk about the upcoming season for [Clemson/Carolina].

Host: Well, the offense looks great, but the could be better. The defense is stout but it still needs improvement. Overall, you're looking at either a national championship contender or a dreary sub .500 season.

Caller: Well, how can ya tell there buddy?

Host: During the scrimmages and practice, the offense and defense have looked evenly matched but have shown FLASHES OF BRILLIANCE! THEY'RE GREAT! I LOVE THEIR CHANCES AND YOU SHOULD TOO!

Caller: Welp, thank ye there pal.

Host: Next caller, you're on 104.9 THE DRIVE!

Caller: Welp, let's talk about the upcoming season for [Clemson/Carolina].

[Repeat, ad nauseam]

- Lastly, even though I'm not voting for him, it's still pretty damn funny. Enjoy:

Personally, I'm voting for Robot Nixon. I LOVE HIS CHANCES AND YOU SHOULD TOO!