24 August 2008


Don't forget the deadline for the Mustache Competition is this Friday, August 29th. We MUST have all submissions no later than 11:59 PM that night. The password to write on a sticky note and hold up in the picture will be posted on Thursday. Also, if you want us to crop the picture to protect your identity, let us know in the email you send with the picture. Send your emails to 'dannyfordisgod -at- gmail -dot- com'. Check out the official rules on the competition by clicking "mustaches" at the bottom of this post. You should be able to scroll and find them.

Also, don't forget to make your picks for the Mac Cup no later than 5 minutes before the first game. I'm assuming the deadline is 11:55 am on Saturday, but go ahead and make your picks anyways before Saturday morning.

Lastly, the following people need to send me an email of how we know you or what your handle is so we can verify that you participate with our website.

Names that need confirmation: cutiger09, clemsoniceman, Oblong Balls Carried with Force, chicagotiger91, Korn Nutz, clemsonjaymo, Willy Korn pulls out, & magic hobo.

If I don't get an email by Friday letting me know who you are and how you participate then consider yourself booted from the group. Sorry to do this, but there's an expensive bottle of booze on the line here and I'm going to use my every advantage to ensure a fair contest.