25 August 2008


I'm so excited about this weekend, I can barely contain myself. This is promising to be an exciting weekend given the obvious as well as our recent site change and the national exposure that we and the game itself is/are getting. Just the other day I was watching ESPN and saw the commercial for the game this week and went crazy as it was centered around Howard's Rock. You can check it out here. The new College Game Day site is up and running which you can also see. The videos on the site are a bit heavy handed with Bama's balls but still, it's looking good.

There are still a lot of Clemson fans that don't know their way around Atlanta. Given that some of my family is from Atlanta and that Chili lived there for a short time, we're here to provide some helpful hints and ideas to fill time for you folks unfamiliar with the area. First of all, you probably want to check out the Clemson Athletic Department's tips to avoid traffic due to massive road construction downtown and in the surrounding areas. Seriously, I've been there a few times this summer and it is hell. Don't just go gallivanting around without a plan thinking that you are gonna be okay. Once you get downtown, stay there or take a cab where ever you go. MARTA is acceptable during the daytime, just don't forget to bring your shiv as things like this can occur:

I'm pressin' charges!
(nsfw, kinda)

I've provided links to some cool things that might interest a few of you taking the trip to Atlanta. And if you can't make it to Atlanta, you can spend your time doing some online sports betting. These are loosely based around my own itinerary and are labeled with the days of the weekend as those would be the be the best days to visit said establishments.


- For you high society folk, I suggest checking out Kevin Rathbun's steakhouse and restaurant as well as the Krog Bar next door. The restaurant is top notch and the Krog Bar is a hole in the wall also owned by Rathbun that serves wines, salted meats, and cheeses while you wait to be seated at the restaurant.

- For you folks staying outside of the city (the side closer to SC) and want to keep it quiet the night before the big day, I suggest you check out the Movie Tavern. Great films, great service, and unbelievable prices. It's got pretty good food as well as decent prices. I know that the things I paid for there I would have to pay a lot more at any other movie theater. Oh, and they serve booze. And food. Like real food, not just the ballpark or movie theater kind.

- Lastly, is the Brickstore Pub. For you inexperienced or redneck palatted beer drinkers (I'm looking at you, Tiger SACK), stay away. But for those of you that enjoy testing your livers and putting down some good, high gravity, Bavarian beers look no further than this place. It's dark, it's cozy, and I promise you that this place will deliver. Just watch your intake. I'll probably be checking this place out. Not that far from downtown either. Just a brief cab ride.


- Essentially, I've heard that College Game Day will be broadcasting from Olympic Park in the heart of the city. Good thing for me as it's only a few short blocks away from my hotel. I'm pretty much dedicating my entire Saturday morning to gameday. I've been corresponding with a guy that works for ESPN, so, hopefully something cool pans out for me.

- Afterwards, most Clemson fans in the know will probably head to Stats Sports Bar & Grill, just a few blocks further from Olympic Park. Here is the physical contact info you'll need, but asking where it is will probably suffice. That place was rocking for not only last year's Tech game but the Peach Bowl as well. They have tables there with kegs in them. Cmon! That's freaking awesome!

- I'm sure there will be some sort of big-to-do with the ESPNZone in Buckhead given the heavy presence of the big red network in the metro area. The place itself is pretty cool and the last time I went I had a decent burger, but it's so far out of the way that I wouldn't worry about it unless you're staying in Buckhead.


- Ok, I know this sounds like a bad idea, but I'm throwing it out there anyway. Six Flags Over Georgia. Yes it's labor day weekend but it's still fun and the park will definitely be open on Sunday. Here's a helpful link to navigate around.

- There's also always the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coke, but I'm assuming those will be just as packed as Six Flags would be. You could always check out the big Bass Pro Shop in Lawrenceville on the way back home for you South Carolinians.

Lastly, don't forget that on Monday, September 1st, Chik-Fil-A will be giving out a free three piece chicken strip meal to anyone wearing ANY football logo... be it college, pro, high school, pee wee, whatever. Check that out. I plan on going to the five nearest to me and making a day trip out if it. Why not.


Word on the street is some new concoction for uniforms.