21 August 2008


Like some of you out there I love hip-hop. One of the best ways to stay on top of what's "hot in the streets," as the kids say, is to get the latest mixtapes. I cop mine from MixtapeTorrent.com. Browsing their latest offerings one can't help but be drawn to some of the more, uh, interesting mixtape covers out there. Mixtape covers: giving designers proper cause to Photoshop stacks of money, expensive liqour bottles, bejeweled text, and video hos at will since, well, whenever.


He's holding his mixtapes up inside of the mixtapes that he, himself, is holding up. Daaamn. Also, pinkies out, Jooz is a motherfucking gentleman.

More like hell up in the barber chair. Kudos for the liberally littered skeletons and awfully bad Remy bottle 'shopped in being somehow held by his clenched fist.

Iron Chef America host dude is NOT enamored with your swordfish meatloaf, Batali.

Nothing wrong with this cover, that just looks like an all-around good time.

Man, I hate this fucking part of GTA IV. Wait.... I think this is intended to be poignant and topical. Awkward silence. Is it wrong if that girl's expression makes me L out L?

Powder used the whole bottle of bronzer, man. This might be the best airbrush work not applied to a novelty t-shirt in a shopping mall stall. Matchin' hats half off, y'all!