15 August 2008


I mean, I don't hate him, but I don't love him. But when he makes policies on in-practice fights that condones the act, it's hard not to like that aspect of his approach to coaching.

Bowden in fighting in practice:

"Everybody's got a different philosophy. Coming from a family of brothers, we fought a lot, and I love my brothers. These guys are family and they fight, so it doesn't bother me too much when they fight... heat of battle, two-a-days, that's the enemy right now for the next two weeks. I talked to those guys hard about not hitting each other in the head, especially if they lose their helmet. If the helmet comes off, instead of hitting them in the head, we asked them to just choke them. That way we figured we could get 'em off before they killed 'em."

- So far, two people with broken hands via fighting: Jamie Cumbie & Brandon Thompson. Cumbie is still performing and playing even with hand and should be the expected starter for the Bama game. I think it's great because I think it promotes nastiness... something we've found that we didn't have around the time of the Virginia Tech game last year.

Laslty, it's almost back...15 more days...