20 August 2008


- Rendrick Taylor redshirting his senior season has become a reality. Personally, I think this is just another example of how Rendrick is a stand up guy and we could use his leadership next year. I just hope all of this works out for him in the end. I've enjoyed watching him play and hope this is the right decision in the end.

- Jerry Buck Inman, the excuse for a human being that murdered Clemson student Tiffany Souers, has plead guilty and wishes to be executed for his crime. Personally, I think this guy deserves to suffer the worst imaginable punishments but unfortunately because of how America is set up he will never get his probably. This is a tough subject and it still gets to me, I just hope a little bit of justice, hope, and awareness can come from this.

- It seemed that Shawn Crawford was the only one that could beat Usain Bolt in the 200m, but the field was blown away by Bolt in a feat of athleticism that the world has probably never seen before. This guy is beyond sick. He got beat and came in fourth but because second and third place were DQ'ed for lane violations, Crawford and FSU Alum Walter Dix brought home Filver and Bronze respectively.

Usain Bolt wins the 200m (sorry for quality).

- 2 Columbia policemen were suspended after arresting a football player back in March. As you remember, Eddie Floyd, a member of the USC board of trustees, whined and complained that cops were targeting the football players in Columbia. Any connection? I don't know but the player in question was resisting arrest and when a guy that big is giving me shit he's gonna get the bull tazer, no questions asked. The officers submitted a plee of not guilty.