23 March 2007


Dumb Shit on TigerNet: Volume 15

Art Garfunkel: HUGE Clemson fan.

Lack of dumb posts is certainly not the reason for the length of time it’s taken me to gather my latest batch of duds from TigerNet. The delay has more to do with just how exhausting it is to peruse the site sometimes, the fact that I don’t want to run the bit into the ground (maybe too late), and hell, I just didn’t feel like it.

The morning of the ACC tourney opened with such hope. The cadence count on TigerNet, as I’ve said before, is just the dumbest, most jingoistic, hacky, pointwhorish thing you can do. At least sometimes they are aborted like this one.

Clemson was pretty much jobbed at the end of the FSU game, about everyone agrees on that.

Did you think that was going to be funny? Do all the guys at the truck stop guffaw at old lines like that? Spit their biscuits and gravy up? Drop their meth spoons and shit their Dickies?

It was so hilarious the first time; why not roll it out again?

JCarsonCUTigers just ripped off your witty and original line.

Apparently the Reverend Al Sharpton posts under the handle 629tiger.

This guy doesn’t believe in an ACC conspiracy… oh wait, he does, he’s just thinks it’s even craftier than the most nutjob of Loose Change fans on TigerNet.

Sometimes you see a post so incoherent and rambling that you just sort of stare at the screen with your mouth hanging open. This is one of those.

The anger starts to set in from the FSU loss. Clemson fans, as all fans do, get creative with their denigration of the officials.

Here’s another buttfucking-centric post.

Ass all over the place.

Of course you can always go over their head and blame the entire National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Or you can be a complete dumbfuck and go and shit on a player who has done nothing but give four years of his life to your sports team. I’m not saying you can’t criticize the players (see Proctor, Will) but take it easy.

I don’t even know if this guy is mad. Maybe he just knows that caps lock is cruise control for cool.

A Sakerlina fan attempts to show solidarity with the dumber of our fans. Should we really flee from our conference because we can’t make the NCAA Tournament like they did 30+ years ago? Don’t be a dope.

Maybe a little odd, but I pretty much agree with both sentiments.

At least this guy is honest. I saw posts from this same guy saying he didn’t think McRoberts would be drafted at all (he’ll go late first round, but if you don’t think he’s going to be drafted at all you really don’t know basketball from a fuckin hole in the ground) and another post amazed that the clock doesn’t start on an inbound pass until someone inbounds touches the ball… durrrr…

Hey, let’s run a metaphor into the ground.

I AM SUPERFAN. DARE YOU CHALLENGE MY SUPREMACY? Baseball fan? Shit. I sleep in the batting cages. I get high off the smell of pine tar. I once made love to a catcher’s mitt. Not a metaphor. An actual catcher’s mitt. Dude was pissed. It was the middle of a game. Seriously. Fan? Gimmie a break.

I am shocked – SHOCKED – that a Division 1 football program would dare recruit a player of ill repute just because he held great athletic prowess!

Perhaps not proof that ‘recruiting gurus’ are retards, but definitely proof that they have poor grammar. Oh, nevermind, he’s just a UGA fan. It’s pretty admirable for a leghumper, actually.