01 March 2007



- Basketball beats Miami,but just barely and much in the same sloppy, non-aggressive fashion that we have gotten used to. A few things were solidified here, however: Raymond Sykes is awesome at blocking shots. James "Usually reapplies to Clemson in" Mays finally got it together in the classroom and made it to the end of the year, good lookin' out big fella. Speaking of Sykes and Mays, they need to workout with the defensive line on the football team to get big and mean. Trevor Booker is a mean and aggressive dude who is going to leave a huge set of shoes to fill when he graduates. Lastly, watching K.C. Rivers shoot threes used to be fun and automatic, now I'd rather have staples removed from my skull.

- The Tiger Baseball team rallied to beat a good Winthrop team. I'm glad we actually pulled this one off. Yet again, our pitching is still suspect, but that's expected February and March. Also, our big sticks pulled us out of a jam yet again. Thank the stars and Danny Ford's influence on the cosmos that we convinced this guy to come to Clemson.

- The Spring Football game has been set for April 14th. I've been meaning to tell you since I see it every time I go in the ticket office, but I guess the CUAD website beat me to it. Oh well, now you know.

- Hamlin, Rendrick have surgery on there feetses and all goes well... old news unless you've been hiding under a rock. If you're too lazy to click the link, they both are in boots till next month and should miss part of spring practice but are still doing strength training with the team. Hamlin might miss more of spring, possibly the game. Both are scheduled to be healthy hosses for the opening day of practice in the fall.

- Travis Storrer finally gets some ink to paper on a minor league baseball contract and settles down in Chillicothe, Ohio. Here is the low-down a la the Chillicothe website. I'm happy for the guy cause he really worked his butt off for us and is one of the main reasons that we got to the big dance. I think he's gonna go places and make it out of the farm leagues.

- Bad news for Clemson fans, Jim Grobe just signed a ten year extension on his contract with Wake. This is kinda unbelievable that Wake has the chance to have a football legacy in the ACC. If you woulda told me that the Deacs would win the ACC championship three or four years ago, I would have laughed at you and probably would have tripped you up during a serious presentation of some sort just to spite you for having that opinion.


- David Burke's Flavor Sprays - Burke is a world renowned chef based out of New York who has come up with these sprays that help you cut out the stuff you can't have on a diet. He was recently on a Ron & Fez show (XM 202, Noon - 3pm) plugging these sprays and apparently, it's like tasting the real thing. I've heard personally from others that have tried it that it really does taste like the flavor on the bottle and not just some cheap knock-off that you'd find elsewhere. Also, these sprays are diet and diabetic friendly. Also check out his gourmet pops. I can tell you first hand that they are great.

- Peter Millar - Website - They have a great selection of shirts, pants, shorts, vests, and ties for their spring line. Nice uses of greens and blues. Give it a shot, if you don't like it or if it isn't bright enough for you, theres always TailorByrd to fall back on, however they are putting out some weird, darker colors for spring. I can half expect Chili to make some joke about how I like shirts with "perty colors" and he'll probably take a jab at my slow-wittedness. So there, I'll go ahead and get it out of the way.