14 March 2007



- Last night our basketball squad was able to hold off a less than mediocre East Tennessee State team in a half hearted, brick-laden performance at home. About 3,100 people were attendance and the Tigers played without any heart whatsoever. If it wasn't for a few key shots and my man Trevor Booker having a double-double, I don't think we woulda won it. We played a bad team way too close. We're a top seed and they were a bottom seed and we had no business being tied with them most of the game. Next Monday we host Ole Miss at 7 pm. Recap.

The Rally Cats are once again officially the best part of the basketball season.

- On a better note, our baseball team looked in good form last night after beating Georgia Southern last night, 3-0. That gives us a 11 - 4 overall record. The score doesn't do the game any justice cause we absolutely drilled GSU. Kopp, Zoltak, Clyne, and Moskos all had great outings as GSU could only manage three hits. Straight from the horse's mouth, Widmann is still uncertain about his future and is continuing to see doctors about surgery on his neck.

- Word on the street is that Nick Watkins hasn't been going to class and as a result he's being suspended from spring practice by Bowden. This hasn't been confirmed and this is just what I've heard through the AD grapevine. But just remember, you heard it here first.

- Well things are getting bleak around here. Not much to write about and we're starting to get the itch. You know, that "Holy shit when is football season going to come" itch. Just last Tuesday I had to talk Chili down from the fire escape ladder. He kept speaking in unintelligible verbiage but I did catch something about "Adam Yauch", "Bubble screens", and "the rat speaking to the eagle"... i dont' know, you got me. We're trying to get over things, but the Spring Game on April 14th is only going to make the itch worse. I've been contemplating barracading myself in my own apartment until Labor Day, but my doctor advised against it. If anybody else has kind of lost touch with reality like Chili and I have, we have our own support group in the form of this forum on The Rant. Please sign up and perhaps we can get through this thing together. Think about it, where else are you gonna go, the Tigernet? Let's just hope that this baseball season is saturated with plenty of booze, burgers, and wins.


Willy Mac:

Cuba Cologne - Definitely one of the best purchases I've made in the past six months. Found it at a local cowboy boot and hat store, but you can order straight off the net as well. It's sort of a heavier cologne used for clearing the air after smoking a cigar. Personally, I like the after smell of cigars, but I like the scent that this provides as well, plus the ladies like it also. It's great for a smokey bar or club, too. What I like best about it is that the bottle itself is shaped like a cigar so if you are taking a two-fer cigar carrying pouch or pocket and just want to smoke just one stick, you can take this along very easily.

Jameson's Gold Special Reserve Irish Whiskey - Going with the St. Patti's theme for this weekend, if you want a nice, smooth sipping whiskey to get things started off right this weekend, this is a good bet. It's a good dollar to throw down on an irish whiskey, but well worth every penny. It's decently hard to find, but I'm sure most major liquor outlets carry it. I'll take mine with a splash of water to open up the taste and a twist of lime to change things up a bit.


Don't fuck with the Irish.

The Wind that Shakes the Barley - With St. Patrick's Day around the corner, it's only fitting to review this film about the early 20th century Irish bid for independence that'll teach you more about your Irish heritage than a dozen pints of Guinness. Rolling out in a limited release this Friday, the film won Best Picture at Cannes and borrows its title from a ballad by Robert Joyce about a similar rebellion a century earlier. While I won't go into the historical parallels between this and our current affair in Iraq, one can certainly draw conclusions of their own as to why this story of an outnumbered home force fighting for independence against an occupying imperialist force is still so relevant today. Regardless of modern political baggage, this looks to be an incredible and moving film. If you're crafty you may be able to snag it from a filesharing site as it was released overseas last year.

The Tony Kornheiser Show - Mr. Tony, half of PTI, has his own daily radio show out of Washington, syndicated on FM and on XM 144. David Aldridge is usually the co-host, along with some chick who's more annoying than helpful. The banter isn't anything outrageous and doesn't dig too deep into sports minutiae, but sprinkles in pop culture, wining and dining, and Tony's obsession with American Idol. There's something endearing about this nebbish old sports writer extolling his love of bracket busters and dark horse reality show contestants, subscribe to the podcast and give it a shot.