07 March 2007



- #6 Baseball beats #17 Coastal Carolina. The Tigers are now 8-3 after being jacked up by Sakerlina over the weekend. Still no definite word on Widmann's injuries. One plus is that P. J. Zocchi (2.70 ERA, 2 - 0) gave a stellar pitching performance, now if he can just do the same thing on the weekends. Chalk (an astounding .429 batting average on the season) and Smith (a respectable .333 on the season) both went 3 for 4. Taylor Harbin tacked on two doubles and an RBI. The Tigers had 11 hits total.

- Our basketball team is gearing up for the most wide-open ACC Tourney in years, Clemson plays Florida State today at noon in an important matchup for the Tigers' tournament hopes. According to most bracket pundits the Tigers need to beat FSU and show up against UNC to secure an at-large bid. The Sporting Gnomes have a good preview over on their site.

- ESPN has a spring football blurb about each team in the ACC. They mention this position... I think it's.. um... quarterback? I haven't heard of that position in a couple years, so I'm not real familiar with it.



Oooh.... shiny....

Dynamism.com - This site, specializing in "next generation Japanese notebook and gadget technology," is the place to go if you want to be the first kid on the block with the latest cell phone or gadget. If you buy a cell phone from Verizon or Cingular, it usually comes crippled with some form of DRM, meaning if you want to put your own music or videos on there, you have to pay for them at whatever rate your provider charges. One of the advantages of buying a phone from Dynamism is that it comes with none of these restrictions. I got a pretty cool Samsung phone last year that was only available in Japan, Dynamism provided me with English language manuals and American plugs for the power charger as well as a solid warranty. I put whatever I want on my phone, and a bonus is that I don't have a RAZR like every ham and egger out there. Make sure you get a phone that is compatible with American networks so you can pop your Cingular or T-Moblie SIM card in and get going. The site isn't limited to phones, it has sushi shaped flash drives, silent-clicking mice, hand held PCs, and the obligatory Japanese Hello Kitty shit.

Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! - Someone described this show as "great, but I kinda wanna take a shower after I watch it." Pretty spot-on. It's a variety show featuring nonsensical skits and intentionally douche-chill inducing karaoke. Guest stars such as Weird Al, John C. Reilly, Bob Odenkirk, and more pepper this show from the creators of Tom Goes to the Mayor. Some people might not get it, it's kind of a love it or hate it thing. Check out some YouTube videos of Tim & Eric here, here, and here.

Willy Mac:

Black Donnellys - This show is great. It manages to mix the right amount of humor with drama. It really reminds me of an Irish version of the Sopranos. People said it had terrible Nielson ratings, but I don't know why. If you've missed the first two episodes, you can catch it either for free from NBC or not so free on iTunes.

iSquint (Mac) or Super © (PC) - I finally got the whole transferring non-iTunes purchased videos *Cough, Cough, porn, Cough* to my video iPod and to my iTunes. Both of these programs are free, so don't hold back. Also, if you missed the Rant argument about the subject, here it is. Not like I coulda gone to the Tigernet for help with this one. Last time I checked, those mid-life crisis pedos are still oogling Rendrick pictures and sweating over recruiting and spring football stuff. Also, big ups to PissedOffMofo for the help on this one.