09 March 2007


Awww, shit... that's my only thought after sitting at work listening to Clemson blow a lead (with a lot of help from the refs) to a team they swept in the regular season in a game considered a must win. Clemson continued to not be able to play 40 minutes of basketball, continued to get short shrift from the zebras, and continued their downward spiral into the NIT tournament. Pat Forde sums it up as well as anyone can over at ESPN.

James Mays was nowhere to be found (3 pts, 5 rebounds, 3 fouls), and it seemed the Tigers turned the ball over at the worst possible times (is there a good time?). It was the Clemson endgame we've come to witness since our 7-1 football team began their nosedive and the 17-0 basketball team did them one better. Dare I mention the baseball team that has looked much worse than advertised of late? I'm not wanting to come off too needy, I don't need a top 10 season in every sport to keep being a fan. This season was one of the most fun I've had watching Clemson football and basketball, despite their endings that only R. Bud Dwyer could love. I would just like a little consistency.

Frankly, I'm not crying over Clemson not being in the real tournament. A team that starts 17-0 only to absolutely bite it and go 4-10 for the second half of the season doesn't deserve such a privilege. Not to say I wouldn't like to see them in. Remember how fun that tournament run a decade or so was, even when watching Minnesota slip by in 2OT? Regardless of how poorly the Tigers ended this season, I'm still looking forward to the 07-08 campaign, but if we start 17-0, I'm not gonna get my hopes up.

R. Bud Dwyer showing off his patented "Clemson Basketball" finishing move.