05 March 2007


It seems that our mulleted friend at USC can't seem to stay out of trouble (Big thanks to Fesser for the link). Although he is currently indefinitely suspended, I can only hope that this kid gets back on the team and continues to push the envelope. We all already know that Sakerlina is a window of life imitating art via The Program, so it's only a matter of weeks before he gets back on the team.

At around 5:20 yesterday evening, according to the report filed by Thomas Cooper Library circulation supervisor, Josh Smith, a “tall guy” was seen “keying” a car that was parked on Greene Street near the library fountain. Once campus police were called, the report states that they were “taken down to level 2 after the victim/witness identified the suspect as Stephen Garcia (football player).”

At first, no charges were filed, but then he was arrested and hit with a "mailicious injury to personal property under $1,000" charge, as can be explained in this article.

Stephen Garcia to star on FX's new reality show
"Pros vs. Joes... that never made it" this fall.