21 November 2006


Tully and I have some pretty amusing IM chats and always talked about posting one just for random shits n giggles. Here's one from today as we ponder the frailty of human life.

Tully: im glad im not a kennedy
Tully: i dont want a horrible death
Chili: how do you want to die?
Tully: um
Tully: good question
Tully: my sleep
Tully: yeah
Tully: or super aids
Chili: lol
Chili: i dont want to go in my sleep
Chili: maybe like fighting a lion or something, and i die from blood loss just as i use the last of my strength to choke the lion to death
Chili: all this happens on a sinking battleship
Chili: thats on fire
Chili: and being fired at by russians
Tully: lol
Tully: i want the royal tenenbaum epitaph
Chili: that would be great
Chili: i would just love a giant statue of me in my death grip with the lion
Tully: haha
Tully: yes
Chili: to be placed somewhere in downtown clemson
Tully: if im rich when i die i think ill do something similar than that
Tully: to that rather
Chili: and the plaque will read "YEAH, HE DID THAT SHIT"
Tully: haaha
Chili: and everybody would be like, thats such an awesome statue. i dont know why they had to sculpt what's clearly an 18" penis bulging out of his pant leg. that's just overkill.
Tully: haha
Tully: overkill or accurate representation?
Chili: exactly
Tully: strangling lions just happens to get u hard
Tully: wow
Tully: read that last sentence
Chili: it looks like a couple pringles cans stacked on top of each other
Tully: never before or again will those words be said in that order
Chili: LOL
Tully: haha
Chili: derek and the dominos - layla (piano exit) f*cking awesome
Tully: ya
Chili: its worth downloading the Goodfellas OST on OiNK just for that
Tully: ive already got that song
Tully: but ya
Chili: i think i'll have a hidden speaker in my statue that plays only that song
Chili: everybody just stops by and gets all wistful and shit
Chili: "man, i shoulda written that novel"
Chili: "i shouldve told my father i loved him. now it's too late."
Tully: lol
Tully: as you strangle a lion before htem
Chili: its just the song being played, its a sad song man
Chili: "that's me grabbing the bull by the horns... that really happened."