30 November 2006


SportsGamer reports that, as of yesterday, EA was giving away alternate uniforms for download for NCAA 2007 on XBOX Live! Marketplace. Clemson is among the teams with new unis to download. No word on what uniform it is, but I'm pretty sure it's the purple alternate uni. Not that big of a deal but it's nice to see the company that charges money to download tutorials and wallpapers of their games is giving something away.

Update: As of last Thursday evening, I couldn't find shit about this on XBOX Live Marketplace. LIARS!

Updated Update: Apparently, the new unis were uploaded by EA late last night/early this morning, can someone confirm this?? I haven't any access to my XBOX right now. - Willy Mac

Last Update: It's true. Go to XBOX Live Marketplace and go to the "Newly Released Downloads" section and it should be under "NCAA 07" - Willy Mac

How much purple can your Xbox 360 handle?