19 November 2006


We will be posting, later this week, our opinions as to what some of the top Clemson-USC games in the series are, as well as an updated Mac cup as it winds into the final handful of weeks. Willy Mac is down with a f*cked up knee he suffered in a kitten stomping incident. He may tell you it was from Club Football but I saw him stomping a cluster of Persian kittens after trying to unsuccessfully feed one to an ATM machine.

The big rumor this week is that Spurrier will flee to Tha U to take over for Coker. I don't know if I see it happening, but money talks. Steve is revered as a God in Columbia and has a pretty sweet deal, I doubt that he leaves.

Sakerlina, as they are want to do,
committed recruiting violations in the theft of recruit Travian Robertson from Clemson (recruitment of, if you will).
That's it for now, more to come later.