06 November 2006


The greatest moment in the history of sports -- ever -- celebrates its 1 Year Anniversary today. What do you give someone for their 1st anny? In this case, I think DFIG will send them a nice case of tuna.

Also, Willy Mac can't be bothered to write a summation of Saturday's "game" because he's on vacation. My words to him were: "On my back! ON MY BACK I'm carrying this blog!" and he could do nothing but agree. But I can't do it without him, but these days I have to nag his ass like an old lady to get him to post. It's not like he's busy studying. I'm not gonna write the summary. I'm standing my ground.

Just got done watching a soccer movie. Yes, a soccer movie, but it wasn't f*cking Bend it Like Beckham, it was a movie about beating the shit out of other people, which is pretty cool. Green Street Hooligans, great film, rent it and watch a hobbit whup ass.

Soccer: the players might flop at the lightest touch, but the fans are alright.