16 November 2006


We all remember what happened last time the Gamecocks paid a visit to Death Valley - a beatdown. Literally. The tone was set when a USC coach led about 20 players to crowd the bottom of the Hill as Clemson players started their entrance. The fight was sparked when Bobby Williamson lingered over Syvelle Newton's just-tackled corpse a little too long and some Cocks didn't care for it and shoved him.

From today's issue of The State: Tommy Bowden and Terry Don Phillips have stated that they will make sure the SEC officiating crew is aware that players from USC should be kept between the 20 yard lines while Clemson makes their entrance to avoid the kind of situation from 2004. No word as to whether USC players' ankle monitors can be adjusted to coincide with this guideline.

Bowden says he don't wanna shake no muthaf*ckin hands. "Every time you do it, you bring (the fight) up," he said Wednesday. I like the attitude, but I heard he's just pissed because last year in Columbia Steve got him with the ol hand-buzzer trick.