15 November 2006


I've been bringing in good numbers and all I can hope for is for Chili and Lola to drop a few picks. All I needed them to do was get worse. What do they go and do? THEY GET BETTER. WTF!

Last weeks results
NC State @ Clemson - Clemson
Sakerlina @ Florida - Florida
Oregon @ USC - USC
Georgia @ Auburn - Georgia
Tennessee @ Arkansas - Arkansas
Wake Forest @ Florida State - Wake Forest
Miami @ Maryland - Maryland
Texas Tech @ Oklahoma - Oklahoma
Nebraska @ Texas A&M - Nebraska
Louisville @ Rutgers (Thursday) - Rutgers

On the week
T1 Chili -2
T1 Lola -2
T1 Uttles -2
T4 Willy Mac -3
T4 Clemsonfan420 -3
T4 NoleCC -3
7 Brad -4

1 Chili -27
2 Lola -32
3 Brad -38
4 Willy Mac -39

Just for fun
1 Uttles - Back to good picking
2 Clemsonfan420 - Glad you could join us
3 NoleCC - Glad to have you back... you need to get on this next year

Week 12 Pick 10 Games as follows
#2 Michigan @ #1 Ohio State
#5 Arkansas @ Mississippi State (Miss St. at home in November)
#19 Virginia Tech @ #14 Wake Forest
#15 Auburn @ Alabama
#21 Maryland @ #20 Boston College
Arizona @ Oregon
#17 California @ #4 Southern Cal
Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech
UCLA @ Arizona State
#8 West Virginia @ Pitt (Thursday Night)
Just for fun: Clemson vs. Open Date

Get your picks in before game time Thursday Night

Chili's Picks
Rarely are activities preceded by the phrase "Just for fun!" any fun at all, and the two instances of the phrase in this post are evidence to that fact.

Willy Mac's Picks
#2 Michigan @ #1 Ohio State - Michigan
#5 Arkansas @ Mississippi State (Miss St. at home in November) - Arkansas
#19 Virginia Tech @ #14 Wake Forest - Wake Forest
#15 Auburn @ Alabama - Auburn
#21 Maryland @ #20 Boston College - Maryland
Arizona @ Oregon - Arizona
#17 California @ #4 Southern Cal - USC
Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech - OK State
UCLA @ Arizona State - ASU
#8 West Virginia @ Pitt (Thursday Night) - WVU
Just for fun: Clemson vs. Open Date - Open Date

As you can tell, this week has been a bag blog week for Chili and I both. I've had five tests this week and have one to go. Chili has been swamped at work. Since our boys in orange are taking the week off, we feel that we deserve one too. We're gonna give the blog some love in the mouth all next week. We'll make it up to you. And we promise, we weren't out till all hours of the night with other blogs. Seriously... you can trust us. Along with your picks, we're going to ask that you post your top five favorite Clemson/USC games of all time (#1 being your favorite). Even if you don't post picks, post your top five games. No anonymous.