01 November 2006



With a bit of a sexual twist... ??? Tom Selleck?

Slutty Halloween costumes

God, how much do I love this time of year? It’s a wonderful day that comes once a year where even the snobbiest of uppity freeze queens bares all and wears the sluttiest outfit they can find. Dear eight pound, six ounce, sweet Baby Jesus, thank you for Halloween and breastices.

The color purple
Well, it’s time to cut my losses and stop fighting it. I have to say this, it’s alright if the team wears purple every once in a while, just not ALL the fans. I have to admit, it may have been too much purple for some, but I thought it was awesome. I also thought that the hushed shock of the crowd when they first came out was awesome. I don’t think anyone saw it coming.

Clemson Gameday
That was by far one of the funnest things I’ve ever been to during my time here at Clemson. That was an amazing and I had a blast. From what I understand, Herbstreit, Corso, and Fowler absolutely fell in love with Clemson.

Come on guys, you’re like the lovable losers. I know you can pull one out against UNC at the end of the season. If not, I’ll be applying for the head coaching job at Duke for the football team. I mean, I won three nattys with them on Xbox.

November is Testicular Cancer Awareness month. Some crazy Aussies made it up. Support the cause by growing a mustache during the month of November.


With a not so sexual twist... Rob Spence?
Steven a Smith
Hey baby. Look at me, I’m Stephen A. Smith. Excuse me, do you know who I am? I said I’m Stephen A. Smith. Yo, HELLO? YO! I SAID IM STEPHEN A. SMITH. I’VE GOT AN OPINION. IM STEPHEN A. SMITH. EVERYONE ELSE IS STUPID AND I’M AWESOME. I’M STEPHEN A. SMITH.

Gamecock Gameday
Very nice. I was hoping that the Gamecocks would try and not be idiots, but that’s too hard for them. Way to represent our state and fuel an age old stereotype by waving 40 confederate flags on national television. I’m not saying I don’t disagree with the flag, I’m saying that it’s hard for Gamecocks to not be dumb. From what I hear, anyone who wasn’t wearing garnet or black and sporting a mouth full of dip was attacked both physically and verbally. Even the Gameday crew was treated terribly. Well, at least now they know who the better school in South Carolina is.

Whiskey bottles

Tommy didn’t deserve to get pelted and it’s a sad state when one Clemson fan can make the others look bad. I thought throwing shit at opposing teams/fans was a VT/WVU/Maryland thing? Not a Clemson thing.

Rob Spence

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