10 November 2006


NC State (3-6, 2-4) @ Clemson (7-3, 4-3 ACC), Saturday, November 11, Noon, LF/Raycom Sports, XM Satellite Radio ch 191-193.

The Line: Clemson -17

Edge goes to:

Offense: Clemson

Defense: Clemson

Special Teams: Clemson

Intangibles: Again, Clemson. The vociferous ‘boom’ of Clemson being punched in the mouth in Blacksburg resonated down I-85 to Death Valley and the Tigers stumbled for a second straight week. Everything we’ve been hearing from the locker room points to a disillusioned and very pissed off Clemson team. Being angry isn’t enough, they need to make adjustments and open up another dimension to the offense. Clemson is still fighting to get a decent bowl bid and has to win out to secure it.

Our panel of DFIG "experts" say:

NCSU comes into this game hurting even more than the Tigers, having lost 4 straight. Clemson’s two straight losses hurt a lot more. I wonder if the average Clemson fan realizes what a train wreck this season has become. We had top 10 talent to begin the season, rose above injuries, only to be hampered by top 40 coaching. We had a legitimate shot at going to the ACC championship game to face Georgia Tech, a team we dismissed handily, so one would have to assume we had a good shot at our first ACC title since 1991. All this came crashing down because our offense couldn’t execute against the 2nd worst D in the league. As pissed off as I am about this season, I can’t give up on the season. (Plus it helps that Duke basketball starts up on Sunday. Preemptive f*ck you, my parents went to Duke, I grew up a huge fan before I ever noticed Clemson on a map, I’m not a bandwagoner.) While I was stunned that Clemson lost to Maryland, the Terps have formidable talent and great coaching. NCSU has neither of those things.

Clemson gets back on track, a week too late.
Clemson 31, NCSU 13

I spent a little over a month in Russia in 2004. What bottles I didn't throw out my dorm window at oncoming Ladas I arranged in my Russian dorm and photographed to show you the extent of my drinking in that country. If Clemson loses to NCSU, this will look like a thimble of Boone's Farm compared the the booze that will be consumed to repress the memories of this lost season.

Willy Mac:

Ticked. That's what everyone is. The players, the coaches, and the fans. The mood around Clemson is slowly starting to resemble the aura in New York City during Ghostbusters II (Look for me to play Rick Moranis). I think after all the criticism of Bowden, Spence, and most importantly Will Proctor, there is no way that the team can stumble again. I think Spence must change his playbook now for fear of looking like the only coach in all of college football to have Downs Syndrome. I look for Clemson to get over the hump and actually play well and finally throw the ball deep. TB will dust off the old Whitehurst playbook and tear out a few pages this weekend. I'm confident we will cover the spread.

Tigers deepf*ck NC State's sister in exchange for a handful of fiddle faddle.
Clemson 45, NC State 17


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