02 August 2006

Southern Football Fan Art: The First Wave

Folks, this has got to stop. What in the world possesses fans (mostly comprised of fans for SEC schools) to make a "Beautifully rendered collectors edition print" including Steve Spurrier, Danny Weurfel, and a gaggle of other things making light of how good the Florida Gators USED to be. More so, why does it seem like everything in the painting has that whole Sunday afternoon barbeque feeling to it? Furthermore, why on earth have they included a commemorative coin? What did they auction this off at a Gators Unlimited gun raffle/oyster roast/redneck suare raffle type event?

Why on earth does everything in this painting have a halo around it? Is this painting just chillin up on the fake wooden walls or your trailer with JC or what? This painting is likened to a typical SEC fan: Always try to be classy but they always turn out to be trashy, loud mouthed, and delusional. Well hey, at least the painting doesn't resemble the second two things that much. At least Florida can actually claim some pull of the SEC. At least they have something they can brag about. And now Florida fans have something else they can hang up beside the family photos. Good for you. You didn't try to paint a nice vase or something that actually shows off your two year technical art college degree. No, no, no, friend, you made the right decision by making commemorative paintings for SEC schools. This painting puts the artist in the same category as "Crazy Cat Lady."