31 August 2006



- The Tigers are tired of close games against weaker opponents (Louisiana Tech & Utah State ring a bell?) and are looking for a blowout against FAU.
- Add some journalists to the scores of SUPERFANS hoping the Tigers are poised to win an ACC title.
- With CJ Gaddis suspended for skipping classes and Antonio Clay mourning his sister, who was killed in a car wreck this week, Clemson may be without 2 defensive starters this week. Willy Mac says that talk around the McFadden building says Clay will play on Saturday, however.
- The NCAA doesn't want you helping a brother out. The Ray Ray saga continues. The NCAA won't find shit out if you just stuff an envelope chock full of Jacksons under the McElrathbey's door. I would've said 'Benjamins' but that would've been too cliche.
- Vanilla Ice has answered the call of millions of fans to return to touring. At least in frat house dens. You know Ice, Ice Baby will be on there, but I just pray to God he drops Ninja Rap on us.
The Pickle Light!
- Here's an old lady with her lips on a cock.