28 August 2006


There is so much to cover in this, the third installment of Dumb Shit on Tigernet. This time of the year brings with it ludicrous predictions for our season and for our rival’s, hero worship, and the time honored practice of 40 year old men drooling over high school prospects.

This guy doesn’t know he’s talking about us, but he is. I like to imagine this post in a hammered drunk hillbilly voice.

(This was one of a series of drunken posts by this guy, one of the dumbest posters on Tnet, lashing out against ‘blogs taking money from Clemson fans’ not bothering to realize he was on a message board that charges up to 80 bucks a year to post shit like this.)

If overzealous hopes and unattainable dreams could take the form of an animal, they would become a majestic eagle with Down Syndrome. If they took the form of words on an internet message board, they'd look something like these two posts.

On Saturday, ESPN televised a game featuring James Byrnes High School, a team that includes 3 Clemson commits and several other players Clemson is going after. The minute this game came on TV, Tigernet became the home of more men drooling over teenagers than a seedy Thailand motel.

Tigernet has Byrnes FEVER!

I can answer this guys query fairly easily: BECAUSE IT’S THE FUCKING INTERNET, MR. GIANT SIG PIC GUY! See half of the film Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back if you don't believe me.


There is a disconnect between the students who attend Clemson and interact with athletes on a daily basis and the middle agers who either never attended Clemson or have forgotten realities of college life. If you go to Clemson, you know what player is banging what white girl, you know the girls on campus who hop from jock dick to jock dick, Cleat Chasers, every campus has them. You know what player is a pothead or crashes fraternity parties and expects to be showered with beer and admiration because of what he does on Saturdays. I’m not at all saying that isn’t deserved, but what I am saying is that the second you try and tell any of this to a SUPERFAN, they immediately shit themselves and call you a “Coot.” A lot of football players are cocky assholes, that’s part of the winning athlete mentality. This student just made the mistake of trying to inject a bit of truth into Tigernet. The kool-aid drinkers immediately swarmed on him and his “logic.”

Now, I don’t know whether Proctor is an asshole or not, and I don’t care all that much, as long as he wins games. In that respect I’m a little like some of the SUPERFANs, but I have heard from numerous people that he is a cocky guy.


I don’t know if this is considered a joke. Maybe this guy is earnestly reaching out to his Gamecock brethren and trying to save them. You never know. The sad thing is that these kind of posts get TONS of points, so people keep making them.


When in need of talking points against Carolina fans, SCOREBOARD. When unable to make an intellectual argument, SCOREBOARD. When in desperate need of points on Tigernet, SCOREBOARD.