14 August 2006

WEZ only to make things much louder in the Valley.

Last years Clemson/Miami game broke the American outdoor stadium noise record, setting the record at 126 decibels. That's louder than a Boeing 747 taking off. The previous record, 121 decibels, was held by LSU. The University of Washington claims that they've reached over 130 decibels but there is no hard evidence to support that claim.

Please, if you are an LSU fan that has stumbled on to this blog and feels the need to take up for LSU and want to "learn me sum uh dat louseeyannah nawuhledge"... don't make me embarass you, you illiterate and inbred idiot. I think that we all know how LSU fans get krunk for football. The below video is hard to ignore and watch because it is clear evidence that LSU fans can be pure heauxmeauxsexuals. Geez, get a life, a public education system (this coming from a South Carolinian), and a new mayor for New Orleans.

With the new addition of the West EndZone project to Memorial Stadium, things are only going to get louder. I was at the Clemson/Miami game last year and all I can say is that Larry Coker, Miami's head coach who called out Clemson fans and called it "Just another Doak Campbell", was counting his blessings for the good lord allowing him to leave Death Valley with the skin on the back of his neck. Lets just say, for good measure, I don't see Miami's Main Man calling out Clemson fans EVER again. Woof, what a game... gives me goosebumps just thinking about how the ground underneath my feet shook all because Charles Bennett sacked Kyle Wright.

Last Friday, I was fortunate enough to tour the facilities and I took some pictures while I was there.

Below are some pictures of the Club Level

Much of the seating arrangements inside are as nice and lavish as this.

This is a view of the dining area and food court.

This is a view of the family locker room where coolers can be kept

As you can see, just from the inside, our facilities are now some of the very best in the ACC. Originally, it was told that we would lose 2,000 seats putting our capacity around 79,000. In actuality, the tour guides told us that some seating was lost, but the club level covered it and actually INCREASED our capacity by 2,000 seats to 83,000. Now whether this is totally accurate or not I'm not sure. I'm not going to make a statement based on a tour guides comments. Just something to chew on.

Below are some of the views from and of the WEZ

The studs are for a video strip screen to be installed later.

A view from the Club Seats located right in the middle.

Another view of the seats. Hard to think the season is almost at hand.

Again, here is the video I promised from before. 18 more days!!! GO TIGERS!!!

I think it's safe to say that this is not an appropriate way to celebrate.