29 July 2008


Yes, I'm aware that's not the proper Clemson paw in the background. Blame the LSU Photoshopper, not me.

We try not to dwell on Sakerlina too much outside of the occasional police report or during the week of the game. I've seen a couple of the SC blogs out there and it seems every 2nd or 3rd post is taking swipes at the Tigers. Seeing as we don't harbor a staggering inferiority complex like the chickens, we like to think we're above that. Of course we're not above highlighting some of the delightful quips spewed from the mouth of Steve Spurrier in a recent news article.

Spurrier has said in the past that "We will never lose to Clemson again." So much for that, unless you count moral victories, which most Sakerlina fans do.

He's also stated "I don't talk about Clemson." Right, right....

In a recent peice in the Raleigh News & Observer, Spurrier is quoted as saying "I wish one of the sports writers, when they start picking everybody's record this year, would write how they'd do if Clemson played South Carolina's schedule and South Carolina played Clemson's schedule." Perhaps, Steve, the reason they don't do this is because such retarded speculation is the realm of messageboard dwelling mouthbreathers. Clemson doesn't play SC's schedule, nor does SC play Clemson's. The media, albeit less frequently these days, tends to deal in realities, not the sort of whining speculation a revered coach reverts to when he can't succeed in-state. I'll absolutely agree that SC has a more difficult schedule than does Clemson. Them's the breaks, as they say. Tough shit. Having a tougher schedule does not make your team better. The results of Clemson-SC games during the brief time SC has been clinging to the leg of the big bad SEC should prove that.

As someone pointed out, this is further evidence that Spurrier is just becoming one of them. He once spoke of championships and bringing glory to SC and now he just complains about Clemson and the tough SEC schedule. Steve Spurrier... more like Steve Worrier amirite!?!?!? LOLOLOLOLOL!!!1!!!!1!

Spurrier followed up his quote with "But anyway, that's the way it is. There's no big deal about it." This is interesting to me because it fits a pattern in his shit talking. See, men talk and don't back down. Women and guys who wear visors outside of their acceptable areas (tennis courts, golf courses, old timey poker tables) deal in the passive-aggressive. Say something brash, then temper it with a half-retraction and dismiss it as inconsequential. Look at some of his more bitchy quotes over time and you'll usually see a half-assed retraction after the fact.

It appears that, though only 2-1 against Spurrier, with Clemson seeming to gain some momentum in recruiting and in the polls, Tommy Bowden and the Tigers are getting under Steve's skin. This should be fun to watch as it plays out.