30 July 2008


Grrr! We're tough by proxy!

A reader pointed out to us that Roy Philpott at the great CUTigers.com has taken on Spurrier's spouting off about schedules in his recent article titled "Fun with Schedules." By Philpott's estimation, SC would go 6-4-1 against Clemson's schedule (the tie being a theoretical dead heat with Virginia) and the Tigers would finish 8-3 against the Gamecock's foes. The Tigers, as they tend to do, take the season finale versus Sakerlina. Philpott is correct in saying that it all boils down to talent. The Gamecocks have a stout defense this year with some players any team would be glad to have. Clemson, on the other hand, has one of the most explosive offensive talent pools in the nation, the OL of course being the question mark. Spurrier can try and spin this thing however he likes, but the Tigers are better regardless of the competition.