02 July 2008


Some of our readers in the competition have answered their call to arms and sent in their mugshots of said bearded combo. Some of them didn't... err... haven't yet sent in photos (I'm looking at you, Sambo). I, of course, obliged myself and took a bad picture of my somewhat swollen face and have never been more insecure of myself than now.

Reader SACK is going for the Belton-Honea Path Classic Cooter

DFIG reader John B. is going for a hybrid Pirate/Mexican Bouncer combo.

Look at Sambo, pretending to be literate. Hidden inside that dictionary is a copy of Swank.

Like a fine wine or cheese, Jason L's beard is aged, but sophisticated. By the way, I have a buddy who has a framed print of that shirt, awesome retro Clemson art in case you were wondering. My favorite part is the random celebrities thrown in the picture.

Eventually, I'd like to have this pan out into a ratty beard with some tendrils, then finish it off with a nice Cop Stash. Hey, I know it's not that pretty to look at, but at least I don't have mutton chops and feminine glasses like some Florida bloggers out there. Chili kindly opted out of this competition, muttering something about not getting laid with a mustache, but I submit that it's empowering and if a chick can't get with the stache, shes too uptight. Also, what the hell is up with my nostrils?

Keep sending in your pics!