24 July 2008


Yeah, so… I had top change a few of the rules to the competition. I got rid of the whole “having to wear a mustache for a month” partly due to my graduation on August 9th and a few people were bitching about not only wearing it but having it for the Bama game which I can understand. That’s my fault for the scheduling. So, the new deadline is August 29th. You can check the revised rules below. Also, Chili and I will judge but your input in the judging will be taken and is appreciated. Sorry again for the mid-season shafting, but, get over it.

Revised Rules:

1.) Shaving commences the morning of June 6th. Pictures of your shaved facial hair must be emailed to dannyfordisgod -at- gmail -dot- com. You don’t even have to shave that morning, just some time that day send me a pic of your jaw area etc.

2.) Growing of mustaches shall last until August 29th. Shaving of said mustache before the given date results in a disaqualification and a good ribbing. Pictures of your mustaches must be sent in to the same email address with proof of date on August 29th. (Proof of date will be a password we give you the day of and you can put it on a sticky note and hold it up in your picture. Make sure we can see the sticky note and your mustache clearly.)

3.) Each grower may choose their own facial hair growing pattern for the entirety of the competition.

4.) Winner will be determined by style, creativity, and effectiveness of the mustache by Chili and I using a scale of one to ten starting on August 29th, 2008 and no later than September 5, 2008.

5.) Any style of mustache is accepted. Examples are as follows: Cooter, Hitler (if you so choose), Handlebar, Pushbroom/Earnhardt Sr., Triple H Handlebar, The Captain James T Hook, etc. Pencil thin mustaches do not count.

6.) If there are any problems, DFIG reserves the right to hold an emergency meeting of parliament and make decisions based on what’s best for our site.