03 June 2008


Trust me, this is gonna be awesome.

So some friends and I were chillin out maxin and relaxin all cool, and while shootin some b-ball outside the school we decided to start a mustache competition. Similar to the Australian born but internationally known competition referred to as Movember (Official site), we wanted to grow mustaches for an allotted amount of time. The original rules as stated in an email I sent to my friends are as follows with slight adjustments for privacy:

1.) Shaving commences the morning of June 7th.

2.) Growing of mustaches shall last until August 31st. Shaving of said mustache before the given date results in a disaqualification and a good ribbing.

3.) Each grower may choose their own facial hair growing pattern from June 7th until August 1st. (IE grow what you want, be it grizzly adams beard, mustache, fumanchu, etc.)

4.) On August 1st, we shall reconvene and shave everything except our mustaches. You must keep your mustache for the entire month of August.

5.) Winner will be determined by style, creativity, and effectiveness of the mustache by a panel of three judges to be named at a later date using a scale of one to ten on August 31st, 2008.

6.) Any style of mustache is accepted. Examples are as follows: Cooter, Hitler (if you so choose), Handlebar, Pushbroom/Earnhardt Sr., Triple H Handlebar, The Captain James T Hook, etc. Pencil thin mustaches do not count.

As I have now extended the competition to include our readers, some modified rules will now be presented:

1a) For DFIG readers, I'll give you a head start. Pictures of your shaved facial hair beside a printed date for Friday, June 6, 2008 (newspaper preferably) must be emailed to dannyfordisgod -at- gmail -dot- com. You don't even have to shave that morning, just some time that day send me a pic of your jaw area etc.

2a) Pictures of your mustaches must be sent in to the same email address with a printed date on August 31st.

4a) Since we are on the internet, just follow the previous instructions for 1a and 2a but for July 31st.

5a) Chili and I will do the judging.
5b) I just wanted to have a section "b" somewhere in here to justify all the sections labeled "a."
5c) All submissions will be judged a little later than August 31st, but no later than a few days (September 5th at latest.)

Don't forget about Friday!! Set your alarm! Write it on a calendar! Put a reminder on your phone! Also, tell your friends and forward this link to them. Happy growing and good luck!