20 June 2008


The Sunday Morning QB has a brilliant article on the Tigers and the high expectations surrounding the team coming into the 2008 football season. I particularly like that they don't jump on the "we've heard this before" bandwagon that most mainstream outlets and blogs have hopped on when talking about the Tigers. Some ESPN pundit erroneously declares that Clemson has been picked to win the ACC for years without coming through and it suddenly becomes canon. It is true that the Tigers have underachieved in recent memory. Trust us, we know that as well as anyone, but we do refute the level of underachievement attributed to Clemson by most people. SMQB points out that the Tigers have also beaten expectations, and if anything it's bullshit to say Clemson is an underachieving team and more factual to say they are highly inconsistent. Tommy Bowden's tenure is a rollercoaster, not a slope.