31 May 2008


- As you may have noticed, our football team has been getting some pretty high pre-season rankings, most notably by ESPN (#7), The Sporting News (#8), and Athlon Sports (#10). Now there's rumor that Phil Steele has put us at #5 in his magazine which is due out June 10th. Give his website a check as he takes it back to seventh grade by releasing one team a day until the release of his magazine. Phil Steele is a complete and total douchebag for doing that. I'm sort of waiting for Sports South or FSN South to name us champions of the universe. Also, I find it cute that he ranked a Gamecock team with tons of questions for next year at #18.

- Latest Clemson news from ESPN is that Bowden and Purnell have signed contracts through 2014. They're a little late on the Purnell extension as it was reported about two weeks ago. Also, I've been try to forget about how Bowden held us hostage via the Arkansas coaching search late last year. It's a bitter pill to swallow when your school signs an extension with a coach who was actively in talks to not only jump ship but to take his entire staff with him which would have left Clemson high and dry. Thanks for bringing up the bad memories!

- The Clemson golf team lead the second round of the NCAA finals and are currently tied for second place after the third round of play. I'm not a big golf guy, but any national championship for Clemson gets me excited. Check out the final round of play here and let's hope our boys bring home one of those awkward planks of wood that is a natty. (That video browser only works in Internet Explorer 6.0 or later versions.)

Nice 'Clerks' reference, Todaro's!