04 December 2007


Coach Tommy Bowden is one of three candidates for the now vacant Arkansas head coaching job, along with Michigan DC Ron English former Arkansas assistant Gus Malzahn. Sources say Tommy is the top choice and Arkansas is ready to offer him over 2 million dollars a year. According to this article from the Hogs' Scout.com page, an offer has been made by Arkansas and Clemson has made a counter that a Clemson sources thinks probably won't be enough to keep Bowden. Conflicting reports continue to state that Bowden has no desire to leave Clemson. Coach Bowden has been quoted as saying he'd stay as long as Clemson wants him, though how much of Clemson actually wants him is up for debate. As is the norm, all of this stuff is highly speculative and subject to the old "an inside source says" gimmick, so take it with a grain of salt.

As reported earlier, Terry Don Phillips and Coach Bowden had been in contract extension talks, but word is that Tommy was only being offered a raise of "only" 400K, but more importantly his buyout would be lowered to 500K. It is highly likely that Tommy is only using the Arkansas interview and subsequent speculation to get a longer, fatter contract with the Tigers.

**Update - Judging from this article on the Charleston Post & Courier website, Bowden has revealed to sources close him that he is staying. Thanks for nothing, Arkansas. It's apparent that Tommy got one of his old buddies (Jeff Long, Arkansas AD) to help him reach deeper into Clemson's pockets. All I'm saying is that you'd better produce Tommy. - Willy Mac