18 December 2007


The major news outlets are reporting that things are a-jumble in Clemson's Peach Bowl picture. Chris Capote (OT), Nick Watkins (MLB), and Tramaine Billie (LB) are all three out due to being ruled academically ineligible to play. All three are fifth year seniors. All three are definitely out. Also, linebacker Courtney Vincent was pulled over for a DUI charge but is still practicing with the team and is still expected to play. Word on the street says that essentially he was pulled for a minor reason and it was suspected he had been drinking. He blew below the legal limit on a breathalyzer but the police were legally allowed to take him in to supervise him (an old cop trick to allow the rest of the alcohol to be fully absorbed by the bloodstream so his blood alcohol content would eventually go over the legal limit and they could formally charge him). The cops observed him and tried to give him another test and he waived the test, so they arrested him and charged him. His trial is scheduled for January, so till then he's still on the team.