31 December 2006


The DSOT posts have been a little less frequent lately, and not because there's any less dumb shit on there, I just didn't want to run it into the ground any more than I already have. That, and you can only subject yourself to Tigernet for so long before you feel yourself being pulled into that kind of mindset. Don't get me wrong, I love Clemson, I love most Clemson fans, but those who spend inordinate amounts of time on Tigernet make Clemson look bad. As I've said before, this isn't a problem unique to Clemson, hell even the new SecDef Gates took flak for being outed as a poster on a Texas A&M board. Anyway... here's the DSOT.

Coby D Tiger did the worst thing you can do on Tigernet. He gave an unbiased, truthful statement about the messageboard. I know plenty of Clemson coaches and people who work for the athletic department and Tigernet is considered, at best, mildly embarrassing. Coby D's post was treated just as you'd think it would; he was cursed and labeled a COOT. (I would like his post even more if he ditched the Chuck Norris tag at the bottom of it. I didn't even know people found that crap funny any more.)

He said what none of us were thinking.

In the year 2507, Clemson's football team is commanded by RoboBowden and averages 9 wins a season. Tommy fans claim they're almost there... just a little more time... just a few more facilities.

Mongotiger provides us with some form of dumbass haiku.

This mouthbreathing dope fired off an angry salvo at Bowden and supporters, saying Bowden has to "S__T are get off the camode." I've corrected his post in an attempt to make his angry posts more grammatically correct.

99%? That's absurd. I'm positive it's 96% at the most.

AWWWW! But he worked so HARD!! Can't we just give him a break, pretty please!

Sir, in your post you have demonstrated such a command of the English language and presented me with such irrefutable facts that I have no choice but to concede on each and every point you bring up. You are a credit to your fanbase and I wish you Godspeed. Good day sir.

Your mom.

So, wait, you saw a VT Hokie Edition Rav4... and... and you liked it? Fag.

He's a kid, chill the f*ck out. I really feel for Willy Korn. He is coming into Clemson with more hopes and dreams piled on his shoulders than perhaps any player in Tiger history. Having a hundred thousand middle-aged men drooling over your every move: creepy fact or creepiest fact?

I'm closing this episode of DSOT with a mind numbing display of ignorance from Tigernet's biggest retard, JD1stdown. This dolt likes to get hammered in his double-wide and go online and make country fried stream of consciousness posts that would make William Faulkner proud. Here's a brief sampling of his Jack Daniels-fueled musings from just one night last week.

I found some bigger "n00bs" than myself, and I "pwned" them, as the kids say.