20 December 2006


Mmm.... just what Clemson fans want right now. A disappointing season's end, constant talk of Sakerlina's great recruiting class (our is still pretty damned good, just we got all our bidness taken care of months ago), the Gaylord Hotels/Junior Johnson Country Ham Music City Bowl on the horizon, and now a key player gets arrested for simple possession. Duane was a partial qualifier coming in, but has busted his ass on and off the field and is set to graduate in December, it's a shame to see him end his career like this. I wonder if we can slide this under the rug as easily as USC did the arrest of Ricardo Hurley in his hometown of Greenwood a few years back. (Yeah, I had to bring them up, we can only hope to one day have the arrest record they've got)

Maybe this is a case for a crime syndicate to open up in Clemson. It'd give the cops something to do besides harass students for petty shit.

The cops got my man D on a humble.