16 December 2006


One of our readers, Sambo, has decided to share some thoughts with us...

Now, I know this is a Clemson first blog, but there is an outside world if none of you have noticed (tully) and I would like to take a minute and express some things I have noticed while watching other games, random TV, Sportscenter, and porn.

  • The World Series of Poker is rigged! Online Poker companies have a sweet gig going here. Think about it, if some chump accountant or patent attorney wins and then claims online poker helped them do it, this will cause other chumps to play online poker and BAM! Online poker companies profit. It’s genius, I’m playing right now.
  • Does anyone else giggle when they hear the word “screwball?”
  • I finally figured out why Alabama can’t find a new head coach, they’re being Punk’d. I was sure Ashton was going to jump out after Rich Rodriguez declined the job, but he didn’t. I guess the question now is how long are they going to let this go on before we see some Ashton?
  • Sakerlina swallows.
  • Paris Hilton and Britney Spears should just go ahead and give us their sex tape, we all know they did it and naturally filmed it like all celebrities do. Plus, I am tired of watching Screech getting it on more than I do.
  • Tom Brady has to be a robot.
  • Barry Bonds has NEVER taken steroids…………in a box, he has never done them with a fox, he has never done them in a house, he has never done them with a mouse, but he has done them here and there, he has done them anywhere, he has done steroids, Sam I Am.
  • How has Metropolis not figured out that Clark Kent is Superman?
  • And how has no one ever made the connection between Sakerlina and Pure Evil? Their colors are black and some dark evil looking red, evil is often associated with black and evil red. Sakerlina plays the Imperial March (for those non-dorks, that’s the Star Wars song that’s played whenever Vader is around) constantly throughout games, along with another evil sounding song, evil likes evil songs. Sakerlina's coach is Steve Spurrier, evil is Steve Spurrier. And most importantly, Sakerlina has never scheduled the colossal matchup between the Cocks and the Oregon State fighting Beavers, evil has never played the Beavers either. In conclusion, Sakerlina is evil.