18 February 2007


- Stephen Garcia, the highly touted freshman QB for USC apparently likes to drink a little. And that's not ok with Columbia cops. The Bo Bice wanna be was released on a $465 bond according to a completely biased GamecockAnthem.com article. I love how they put the term "concerned citizen" in quotations. They also failed to mention how Garcia was about to get crunk on the cops and the only thing that calmed him down was the batons that the cops whipped out.

- The men's basketball team took another loss at the hands of a decent Maryland team today. In all seriousness, this is getting tiring. I knew that we'd get owned by the conference schedule. They face Duke on Thursday night in Littlejohn... oh boy. I will say that we did get the shit end of a lot of calls that shouldn't have called and the refs (Mike Wood, Ray Natili, Ted Valentine... just three WONDERFUL guys) and let a lot of questionable things go. I will give them credit though, Maryland just out hustled us and cut right through our full court press.

- After taking George Mason to the woodshed on Friday, our baseball team turns around and drops a game to them and has to rally to win today. Overall, I was not impressed with their Saturday and Sunday performances and this is a terrible way to start off the season for a team as highly touted as ours is. I think it's prolly just beginning of the season kinks that we can easily work out.

Stephen Garcia: Didn't he used to be the lead singer for Seven Mary Three?