06 February 2007


Someone please remind me: At what point did the Clemson Basketball season start picking up the traits of the Clemson Football season?

Perhaps I was wrong with my 20 win prediction. Perhaps Sambo might have been as well. I stated that we'd get 20 wins.

"And come on Willy Mac, predicting a 20 win season when we have 17 wins already? I'm pretty sure Clemson will take at least 3 of the next 13. Here's a real prediction, 25-5 with a Sweet Sixteen loss to Kansas." - Sambo

Well, we've taken ONE out of the last six. That leave us with seven games left. Is it a realistic possibility at this point in the season that we get only one or two more regular season wins? I could only stomach half of the Georgia Tech game. I know that we REALLY SHOULD be happy with our basketball program, since we've never really had a lot of success in that department, but come on, one out of the last six? Somebody needs to get it in gear. Let's just hope the basketball season doesn't turn into the nosedive that the football season did.

Clemson takes another loss at the hands of the Yellow Jackets.