04 February 2007


Chili: Am I the only one who doesn't really give a crap about the Super Bowl? Of course I'll watch it, I mean I'm still a man. The Rant has some cool bets going on for various Super Bowl minutiae.

Maybe the best thing about the Super Bowl is that the media blitz will finally end, though it was not without its high points. Listening to Ludacris's radio show on XM yesterday, he called it the "Soul Bowl" in honor of the two black head coaches and he and the guy who played Ashy Larry ruminated on the possibilities the coaches would roll in late, or with an entourage, or drive their Bentley directly onto the field.

Until the Panthers are in it again, the only thing the Super Bowl means to me is that I'll know which hat rednecks are going to purchase en masse from FootLocker next week.

Oh, and Colts by 11.

Willy Mac: I agree totally with Chili. The NFL is not that entertaining for me. It's almost too perfect. Too many perfectly trained, big-headed athletes reaching the pinnacle of their careers. They make the game look too easy and theres not enough sell to hold my attention for more than five minutes at a time.

I guess the main problem I have with the NFL is that there is nothing but money that ties a player to his team. Not city pride, team bonding, relationships with the coaches, the fans... all of that can be bought out by any organization. That's my infatuation with college football. When people graduate, they never really leave. That's a big reason why you see a lot of players that retire from the NFL go back to their alma maters to help out in some way.

Long story short: Yeah, I'm watching it cause it's the last bit of American football till next August. Am I going to be flipping? That'd be a yes as well.

Bears by 3.