20 February 2007


The State said that a "concerned citizen" pointed out Garcia's drunken conduct to police in 5 Points. In the land of Gamecock Forums, of course this could only have been a Clemson fan, right? To the first poster: if the police were occupied with getting all the drunks in 5 Points home safely, who would patrol that trashy strip for crack sales and QB/WRs slugging student body presidents? I guess Clemson fans have to head to Columbia to "have a good time" according to the second poster, that is, if you define "have a good time" as "have a 27% chance of being assaulted or robbed by a scholarship athlete." I'm not arguing that Clemson has more to do than Columbia, it is the state capital after all, but 5 Points itself offers almost nothing that tiny downtown Clemson doesn't already.

One of the many warning signs of a true Kool-Aid drinking, zombified, Darth Visor fearing dolt is that they use a variation of a Gregg Doyel quote to denigrate Clemson, you know, since they can't use, say, a winning record or academic excellence to do that. I believe the original quote from Doyel was meant to dis NCSU basketball by comparing them to some inaccurate idea of Clemson football. While nothing that comes out of Doyel's mouth isn't premeditated to piss off someone for the sake of attention, it is particularly ironic that a Sakerlina fan would slander any other team's fans with the phrase "overbearing fan base too biased to see...reality."

Clemson fans have a quote that more accurately sums up our arch nemesis, "South Carolina Football: The arrogance of Notre Dame with the tradition of Wake Forest." Though this, too, is flawed, as Wake has more than one conference title ever.

Of course this Tiger took the silliness of our Cock-loving enemies down 26 in stride: