21 March 2008


#22 Clemson (24-9, 5 seed) vs. Villanova (20-12, 12 seed). Friday, March 21st, 9:50 PM, CBS HD, XM Radio Channel ???, WCCPFM 104.9 in the upstate (Live feed).

Line: Clemson -6, Over/Under 145

The More You Know: This is the first trip Clemson has made to the NCAA tournament since their opening round loss to W. Michigan back in 1998. This is Villanova's fourth straight tournament bid. Check out more insanely useless Clemson tourney facts authored by presumably Tim Bourret.

Insanely useless opinions authored by two drunk guys with an internet bullhorn:

Chili: Willy Korn walks on to the basketball team to lead our troops to victory and turnS the Clemson NCAA tournament experience into a spectacle one could only liken to Space Jam meets the Harlem Globetrotters mashed up with NBA Jam. HE'S ON FIRE! No, but seriously, Clemson loses.

Willy Mac: We play a fairly good defensive team in Villanova, but at the same time a younger and less talented team than us. At first when I saw that we had drawn Nova on the selection show my heart dropped. Then I remembered that this team isn't as scary as teams they've produced in years past. From what I've seen on television this past season, they have some pretty good guard play but are just unorganized on offense (not that we're organized in any manner) and they run themselves ragged playing non-effective defense. Also, teams that can shoot the three can usually beat them and we can make it rain all day long. I have no idea what their free throw percentage looks like but I'm sure it's better than ours. Lastly, basic fact is that they only have two guys averaging over 10 points a game... we have five. I expect us to beat the upset hype and win this one... and cover the spread.