13 March 2008


- The Georgia Sports Blog has a post up detailing the longest tenured coaches without a BCS bid and our very own Tommy Bowden is #1, having gone since 1999 without getting to sit at the cool kids table. Tommy fans: *shakes fist* "DAMN YOU, OBJECTIVE FACTS!"

- Today's ACC Headlines features a fascinating look at the Tiger basketball team's free throw woes and how, by sinking just 26 free throws away from being 27-3 and 13-3 in the league instead of their current 22-8, 10-6 clip. Before people step up and say this sounds mysteriously like Tardnetter's claims of Clemson only being 3 pts away or 4 plays away from an ACC title in football in recent years, I submit that it's harder to compare these sort of tough-earned plays to a gimmie at the free throw stripe.

- The Ray Ray situation is continuing to snowball and be picked up by multiple national and local news outlets, often with misreported facts on the matter and in virtually every case but one with extreme prejudice against Bowden and Clemson. Tony Barnhart of the AJC nails the situation fairly and objectively in his piece "No Tears for Ray Ray."

- The ACC Tournament is this weekend, with Clemson playing Friday night at 9:30 against the winner of the BC-Maryland game played today. Results will be posted here.